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My name is Rachel, and I created My Handmade Hub to help handmade shop owners thrive. Online marketplaces have been around for several years and are continuing to increase in popularity. One of the quickest growing marketplaces is Etsy, and Amazon's Handmade website is also growing quickly.  With the right resources and work ethic, it is very possible to make a significant amount of money in a relatively short amount of time.  This includes choosing the correct product, setting up your shop online, marketing, SEO, shipping, etc. I opened my first handmade shop in January 2014, and I’ve learned many lessons the hard way. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking for a way to improve your existing shop, this is the right place for you.

This is a new site and I will be adding a significant amount of content over the next several months.  I've placed my handmade shops on vacation mode in order to focus on this site.  If you have any questions or any subjects you would like me to write about, you can email me or send me a message via the contact page.  Thanks for visiting my site!

Help Support This Business

I have decided not to include any advertisements as I am starting to build this site.  In the future, I will most likely be adding Etsy advertisements for quality stores that I support.  Until that time, I would love for you to contribute to this site by adding comments or questions.  If you become an active member of this community, it will help it grow and thrive!

Some Good Places to Start Reading:

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