Etsy Shop Name Ideas: A Free Guide to Creating A Great Name

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Etsy Shop Name Ideas: Intro

One of my favorite quotes related to this post is, “First impressions matter.”  This guide deals with establishing a great first impression through your Etsy shop name.  Developing a shop name is also very important because it is the first step in creating your future brand.  It’s one of the first things that customers see when visiting your shop, and it is how they will identify you going forward.  There are multiple ways to create your shops name, but sellers often have a hard time getting started.  I had a difficult time coming up with my shop’s name; it is the same overwhelming feeling I had when I was trying to come up with baby names!  I constructed this guide to help Etsy sellers get their creative juices flowing and invent the perfect shop name.  Relax, we’ll get this figured out together!

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Etsy Shop Name Ideas: Ultimate Guide

Etsy Name Ideas

Establish A Timeline

The first step is to establish a timeline for developing your shop’s name.  A couple days is enough for most people, but some people need more time.  I would suggest that you keep your timeline within a week.  The amount of time you set aside for this task can vary, but you need to make sure you set a due date and stick to it.

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Open Your Mind

The first thing that you need to realize is that there is no specific method for coming up with the perfect Etsy shop name.  You can use several methods to help inspire you.  The important thing to remember is to keep an open mind.  Clear your mind of everything else and make sure you aren’t distracted and get in the creative mood!

Review other Shop Names

Next, I would take some time to look around at other Etsy shop names.  I have included some below.

Top Etsy Sellers

Many of these shops sell inexpensive materials to other shops, which is how they made this top list.  The products that each shop sells doesn’t have to be the deciding factor, though.  As you can see, many of the shop names above do not reference the product that they are selling.  Most of these shops are very successful, and they didn’t all follow the same path in creating their shop name.  The best shop names are creative, and many don’t even relate to the products they are selling.

Product Related Names

One of the easiest methods for coming up with a shop name is to start with the product or niche that you are operating in.  You could also use the materials you plan on using in your products.  Examples include the shops in the list above that have “paper” or “fabric” in their name.  As you

Your Location

Remember that you are selling worldwide, and not everyone is located in America, Canada, Mexico, or Europe.

Using Your Name or Personality

One of the best ways to show that you believe in your product is to include your name somewhere in the shop name.  This can also make your shop name unique, especially if you have a unique name.  You can also include a part of your personality, like “closetplanneraddict.”  This can help your customers feel close to you because they are learning something about you, even if it is something as public as the shop name.

Random Objects in Nature

You can also use seemingly random objects from nature in your shop name.  I suggest coming up with objects that have some relation to your shop, even if it is extremely loose.  An example would be to use the name Bamboo Manufacturing for a shop name.  Even if you aren’t selling anything related to bamboo, you could use the name because you want your company to spread like bamboo, or be strong like bamboo.  Sometimes utilizing this method and then providing an explanation helps create a lasting memory in customer’s minds.  It also can create a bond between you in the customer, because they feel like they are in on a secret meaning.

Create a Feeling

Make sure to remember your target audience and the type of customers you want to attract.  Keep this in mind, and use a shop name that helps attract people to your products.  You can use a shop name that is a phrase that helps evoke desired emotions.  An example from the list above would be “setthestars.”  Some other examples include “ShootForTheStars,” “PuddleJumper,” or “SparklingLake.”  It can literally be anything that evokes a certain feeling or idea to your potential customers.


Perhaps the best advice is to use some combination of the methods mentioned above.  This is what I used to come up with my shop name, OKVintageWood.  I used my location, Oklahoma, and my primary material, vintage wood.  I combined all three to come up with a unique name, and it has definitely worked for me.  As I stated above, you can choose your own creative methodology.  This post should help you find inspiration and get the creative juices flowing.

My Experience

Some shop owners are lucky and have an “Aha” moment the first time they think of their name.  Other people may never experience this epiphany.  When I came up with my shop name, I knew that it was a good name, so I kept it. I could’ve spent another week trying to come up with a better name, but I knew that it was more important to get started.  Once you hit your due date that we mentioned earlier, open your shop and move forward.  If you’re feeling stuck or not totally happy with your name, remember that it is possible to change it later. After you’ve opened your shop, you can instantly change your name one time.

Extra Etsy Shop Name Tips

Here are some important tips that can be used to help you come up with the optimal shop name!

etsy shop name tips

Use Google to Your Advantage

Once you think you’ve found a good shop name, complete a quick Google search to ensure that there aren’t other companies out there with similar names.  This may just be your Etsy shop name now, but you may expand to become a large company.  Take this into consideration when choosing your first shop name.

Multiple Words

Use multiple words in your shop name to keep yours unique.  If you end up choosing a name that is already taken, you can use a small variation to make it your own.  I would make sure that it isn’t too close to other popular shop names because you don’t want customers to confuse the two companies.

Use Capital Letters

If you end up using multiple words, help them stand out by capitalizing the first letter.   I used this tip when I created OKVintageWood.  Some shops, like SHOPEVREN (mentioned on the list above), capitalize the whole shop name.  This is another way to stand out from the crowd; however, it may irritate some people.

Take A Break

This is the most important tip for people like me.  If you are spending hours trying to come up with the perfect name, take a break and come back to it.  When I am having a problem with creativity, I like to sleep on it and approach the issue fresh in the morning.  If you are a night owl, you may want to wait until night to brainstorm.  Use your personality to your advantage.

Ask for Help

When I hit a mental block trying to come up with my shop name, I had my husband help provide assistance.  Just having his new and fresh ideas helped get my creative juices again.  This is ultimately how I ended coming up with my shop name.  If you aren’t married, you can ask a relative or close friend.  make sure to engage someone that you trust that knows you well.  Those that truly know you are the best at coming up with good ideas.

Get Feedback

This is closely related to asking for help.  This feedback tip refers to the time period after you have chosen a potential name.  I suggest asking close friends and relatives for feedback first.  You can utilize social media to extend your reach.  Reaching out to the public can help attract future customers as well.  Many people will feel honored to play a part in naming your shop.


Etsy Shop Name Ideas: Conclusion

Hopefully this guide has helped you come up with some name ideas.  If you are still struggling, feel free to contact me and I will do my best to help.  I would love help you come up with your shop name, and I have done this several times before.  Now you’re ready to learn How to Open An Etsy Shop.

Let’s keep growing together!


Etsy Shop Name Ideas: Comments

Do you have any other tips for creating a great shop name?  Are you  still struggling with your shop name?  Please share your thoughts and tips in the Comments section below!

You can also visit the Etsy website to read about name tips.

Why Sell On Etsy – Why Now is the Perfect Time to Start!

why sell on etsy

Why Sell on Etsy – Introduction

As you have probably already noticed, demand for handmade goods and crafts has exploded over the past few years.  Demand has increased so quickly that the supply of handmade items has lagged behind.  If you are looking for a way to make some extra money, opening a handmade shop on Etsy is a perfect place to get started.  If you are unfamiliar with Etsy, or you want to know more about it, check out my Etsy Overview.  I opened my handmade shop on Etsy, and I am definitely glad that I did.  Many members of this community have asked me, “Why Sell on Etsy?”  This post details why Etsy is a great place to sell handmade products online and why now is the perfect time to open your shop!  I include concrete examples and include detailed graphs.  I’m a little bit of a research nerd, and I actually enjoy looking at financial statements.  At least that means you don’t have to! 🙂

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This Post is Unbiased

I  previously owned stock in Etsy, but I decided to sell all of my shares prior to creating this community and making it public.  I wanted to make sure that all of the stances and reviews I have on this community are seen as they actually are, unbiased and independent.  I want to make sure that you value this free information and you can trust it, and I will always remain open and honest.  If you ever have any questions regarding my intentions, feel free to send me a message.  I respond to all emails and messages.

Why Sell on Etsy: The Ultimate Guide

There are several very important reasons that Etsy makes a great place to open your new handmade shop, and now is definitely the perfect time to start.  I have detailed the supporting factors below, but they are in no particular order.  Each factor impacts people in different ways, so it would be impossible for me to order them by importance.

Etsy History Company Overview Logo

1. Worldwide Reach of Online Marketplaces

Etsy is the perfect place to open your handmade shop, and this is due to several factors.  The first reason for opening your shop on Etsy is the worldwide reach of this expansive marketplace.  Selling items online allows your product to reach all over the world.  Etsy was the first online marketplace that mastered selling handmade goods worldwide.  Recently, other large online retailers (cough Amazon) have attempted to follow in Etsy’s footsteps and ultimately hope to surpass Etsy.  The brand recognition of Amazon is probably greater, but most people don’t associate Amazon with handmade.  Etsy is an online marketplace that is definitely known for selling quality handmade goods.

2. Ease of Use

The second reason to open your shop on Etsy is ease of use.  I can tell you from experience, opening a shop on Etsy is much easier & startup costs are much cheaper than opening up your own website.  I’ve spent hours researching how to create and optimize a website from scratch, and I would still consider myself a beginner.  Time is an extremely valuable resource for courageous people trying to open a new business.  I would argue time is the MOST valuable resource.  Most people can open their Etsy shop in a couple hours or less, but it takes more time to get your shop optimized.  I would estimate that Etsy completes 90% of the work that it takes to open an online website for your handmade shop.  They also make the last 10% very easy, and the tips on this My Handmade Hub community makes it even easier!

3. Cost

The third factor that I would like to detail is cost.  The fees Etsy charges are minimal in comparison to the value the company provides. For example, if your shop is located in the United States, and you sold a $50 item + $20 Shipping, your total fees would be $4.30.  This works out to roughly 6% of the total sales price in this example.  Even if you owned your own website, there would still be processing costs for accepting payment, and you also have monthly hosting fees.  The fees for running your own website add up fast.  It might be worth starting your own website if you already have a successful handmade shop and you’re selling thousands of dollars worth of goods every month.  If you’re just starting out, the Etsy fees are minimal and well worth the service that they provide.  If you would like to learn more about Etsy fees, I suggest reading my detailed summary of Etsy fees.

4. Demand

The fourth reason you should open your shop on Etsy is demand, or more specifically, the growing number of buyers relative to sellers.  I wanted to do more than just state that demand is high, so I decided to do some research.  I spent a couple of hours digging through Etsy’s latest quarterly financial statements, and I created the following graph:

sell on etsy

The number of active buyers has grown steadily over the past couple of years, while the number of active sellers has stayed relatively flat.  This has resulted in a shortage of sellers on Etsy, and the gap doesn’t seem to be closing anytime soon.  This means that if you select a good category and product niche, you are very likely to have success!  In fact, this is one of the biggest gaps in supply in demand I have seen.  In case the first graph wasn’t enough, I created a second one:

sell on etsy now

This graph shows that as of 3/31/17, there were roughly 16 active buyers for every seller!  You can tell that unless something drastically changes, there will be an even bigger shortage of sellers going forward.  The trend is going in one direction, and it will be difficult to stop.  This is a huge benefit for people with existing Etsy shops and those looking to get started.

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Why Sell on Etsy: Summary

If you are selling handmade items, Etsy is the perfect place to open your shop.  It has an expansive reach, is known as a handmade marketplace, is easy to use, requires low start up costs,  and has a large number of buyers especially compared to sellers.  If your shop grows substantially, you can always create a website in the future.  There is no better place to start a handmade shop, and there is no time better than now!

If you would like to learn how to open your Etsy shop, click here.

Keep Growing!


Why Sell on Etsy: Comments

Do you have other questions regarding the topic, Why Sell on Etsy?  Can you think of other benefits of selling on Etsy?  Are you glad that you have recently started your business on Etsy?  Please help this community grow by leaving a comment or question below!

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, and keep growing!


Etsy Fees: An Ultimate Guide and Cost Breakdown

Etsy Fees: Intro

Most people consider Etsy fees to be extremely reasonable, especially for the great service that they provide.  I also think that the fees are reasonable, but the fee breakdown can be confusing. This is especially true for beginners or people starting to open their first handmade shop.  I created this post to help explain all of the fees that Etsy charges.  If you don’t have time to read this expansive guide, you should at least look at some of my examples below. This will help you get a ballpark idea for how much Etsy charges in fees, and what kind of fees they charge.

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How to Open An Etsy Shop – The Ultimate Guide

how to open an etsy shop

How to Open An Etsy Shop: Intro

Congratulations on being ready to open your first shop on Etsy!  This marketplace is perfect for new handmade shop owners.  Starting a business is an overwhelming process, and having help from Etsy and this community can help ensure you get started down the right path.  This is one of the most important steps to becoming a successful shop owner.  Now is the perfect time to open your Etsy shop.  Follow the guide below to learn how to open an Etsy shop!

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