Sites Like Etsy: 20 Handmade Marketplaces that Sell Crafts

sites like etsy


When many people think of handmade marketplaces, one name comes to mind, ETSY!  Although Etsy is definitely the leader in terms of the size of handmade marketplaces, there are other options where you can buy or sell handmade goods or crafts.  I have had several shop owners  and handmade customers contact me and ask me about alternatives to Etsy.  Not all of the owners were beginners, several of them already had fairly successful businesses.  Some handmade shop owners like to operate and sell their products on multiple marketplaces in order to maximize exposure.  Others might have had some sort of difficulty with Etsy and simply want another option.  Handmade customers were primarily asking because they wanted other places to shop for unique items.  No matter what the reason is, I completed some research and made this list of sites like Etsy.  Although this list is not exhaustive, it does list all of the current major handmade marketplaces where you can sell crafts. Continue reading “Sites Like Etsy: 20 Handmade Marketplaces that Sell Crafts”