Sites Like Etsy: 13 Handmade Marketplaces that Sell Crafts

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When many people think of handmade marketplaces, one name comes to mind, ETSY!  Although Etsy definitely sits as the leader in terms of the size of handmade marketplaces, other options exist to buy or sell handmade goods or crafts.  I have had several shop owners and handmade customers contact me and ask me about alternatives to Etsy.  Not all of the owners were beginners, several of them already had fairly successful businesses.  Some handmade shop owners like to operate and sell their products on multiple marketplaces in order to maximize exposure. Others might have experienced some sort of difficulty with Etsy and simply want another option.  Handmade customers were primarily asking because they wanted other places to shop for unique items. No matter the reason, I completed some research and made this list of sites like Etsy.  Although this list is not exhaustive, it does list all of the current major handmade marketplaces where you can sell crafts.

Reasons to Explore Other Marketplaces

I recommend Etsy as a great place for handmade shops and craft sellers to begin marketing their items, but I also suggest exploring other marketplaces. It is usually risky to place all of your eggs in one basket, and this is especially true in business. It may take extra time to learn about other marketplaces, but this post includes most of the information you need to know.  It is a good idea to eventually create a presence on more than one online marketplace, in case something happens to one of them.  There have been rumblings for several years that Amazon may end up buying Etsy. If this happens, they could drastically change the website.  Try to choose one of the marketplaces listed below and mark down a deadline to create a presence on the selected site.

Unbiased Information

I sold all of my shares of Etsy stock prior to creating this website. Although I am positive that it wouldn’t have changed my analysis or information, I wanted to ensure that my appearance remained independent. All of the information contained in this post and everything on this website is unbiased and independent. I know trust is everything and I promise to keep my reviews and analysis independent. If you ever have any questions regarding this subject, feel free to contact me.


This is my list of sites like Etsy. I include the name of the marketplace, the website address and a brief description of the marketplace. I also include a brief overview of fees. These fees usually do not include payment processing fees. If you have a question about any of the information contained in this post, leave it in the Comments section. The marketplaces and websites included in this list are organized in alphabetical order.


Aftcra officially launched their online marketplace in October 2013. It was started by four family members and remains family owned. The company is based in Milwaukee, and Erica Riegelman is the President and one of the original founders.  This marketplace only sells “American goods crafted by American Hands.”  Your products must be handmade in the Unites States in order to be eligible to sell on this marketplace.  Some of the items sold on this marketplace include handmade crafts, repurposed or upcycled products, and photographs.  The name Aftcra was chosen because it is an anagram for a craft.  The company prides itself on providing excellent customer service, and they actively encourage feedback.

Fee: 7.00% selling commission


ArtFire is another community marketplace that is headquartered in the Tuscon Arts District.  It was started in 2008 by John Jacobs, a successful handmade jewelry shop owner.  John previously sold his jewelry on Ebay, but he wanted to make a smaller marketplace that focused on community.  He currently serves as the CEO.  ArtFire is partnered with Maker House, a physical space that helps bring together artists and handmade producers.  The venue allows the participants to collaborate, educate, and display their unique items.

Fee: Hosting your shop costs $20/month plus a 3.00% selling commission.

Big Cartel

Big Cartel is an online marketplace where craft-sellers, designers, musicians, and artists can sell their products.  Big Cartel lacks the social and community support functions of most other handmade marketplaces.  That’s fine, because you always have My Handmade Hub!  This marketplace advertises its simplicity, and it also offers sellers the ability to customize their product listings.  The marketplace currently supports almost one million, and it is growing rapidly.  They have four different pricing levels depending on the number of items you would like to list.

Fee: Costs are billed monthly and based on the number of products listed. 
5 products = Free
25  products = $9.99
100 products = $19.99
300 products = $29.99


Bonanza was started in 2007 by the current CEO, Bill Harding.  He created the website after being frustrated with a garage sale in Seattle.  The company is still operated out of Seattle, and it allows sellers to market many types of products. 

Bonanza prides itself on its easy-to-use search function and extensive list of categories.  This marketplace is unique because it has a function allowing Ebay & Etsy product importing.  There are no membership or listing fees, but Bonanza collects a sales commission that is listed below.

Fees: Selling commission 3.50% for products </= $500; Products $500+ have a $17.50 + 1.50% commission

Fee: Selling Commission of 8.00%

Craft is Art

Craft is Art was started in 2009 as a marketplace for machine made items. They eventually decided to focus on the handmade niche. It sells unique handmade and vintage items, as well as supplies used to make handmade items.

They have two different fee structures that can be seen here.


I went ahead and included Etsy on this list.  Etsy is the leader and largest handmade marketplace.  I have a full detailed post on the History and Main Facts Regarding Etsy.

You can see my full post about Etsy Fees for information about selling costs.


eCrater is an online marketplace that sells handmade and non-handmade items.  It mainly focuses on selling items from small businesses.  It markets itself as a way for small businesses to get an online presence to sell their items.

Fees: 2.9% Sales Commission


Folksy is a handmade marketplace that focuses on buyers and sellers located in the U.K.  You can still by their handmade items if you are located in the United States, but it is more expensive than purchasing domestically.  It appears to feature a large amount of jewelry.

Fees: 6.00% Sales Commission

Handmade at Amazon

This is the Handmade section of Amazon that was created to specifically focus on small shops making handmade items.  they have a rigorous screening process.  This is the biggest competitor for Etsy, but the fees are much higher on Amazon.  Some shops feel that the fees are justified due to the overall size of

Fee: 15.00%


iCraft is strictly for handmade art, crafts, and fashion creations. Based in Toronto, exists to connect artists, designers, and craftspeople to appreciative shoppers. Showcase work, and accept custom orders or commission requests. Merchants are listed in the Creators of Handmade section and featured in the “In the Spotlight” blog. All work is reviewed prior to listing, and creators are provided constructive criticism when there is an opportunity for improvement.

Fee: Registration Fee = $25, + $5/month 50 items.


RebelsMarket focuses on clothing and fashion.  It sells items that are handmade and non-handmade.  There are many large and small businesses that sell on this marketplace.  If you are interested in clothing or fashion, this site may be a great option for you.

Fees: 15.00% Sales Commission


Storenvy’s is a handmade community that sells indie and handmade items.  This community marketplace does a great job of offering social media support and marketing, which is extremely valuable in this day and age.

Fee: 10% Sales Commission


Zibbet is a marketplace of over 52k sellers.  It features individual artists, handmade shops, and vintage collectors. This website is unique because it offers easy transitions between your products listed on Etsy.  It is very simple to import Etsy listings to Zibbet.  There are no listing fees, you pay a monthly fee.

Fee: 50 items = $4/month, 50+ items = $8/month


I hope that this post has helped you discover some alternatives to Etsy.   It is always a good idea to explore multiple marketplaces.  Each one is unique and offers different strengths and weaknesses.

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Sites Like Etsy: Comments

Do you know of other marketplaces that sell handmade items?  Please share your knowledge in the Comments section below.

Sites Like Etsy: 20 Handmade Marketplaces that Sell Crafts
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